MHL Technology lets you display apps on the in-dash receiver screen using a simple one wire USB connection.

Utilizing Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) Technology, JVC has made created two receivers supporting a connection of compatible Android smartphones to see visual app contents on screen. Once connected via an optional cable, phones simply plug in then display menu and active app contents on the in-dash receiver display. MHL keeps cell phones charged under heavy use too through its 900 mA rapid charging capability. The breadth of MHL supported devices is expanding at an increasing rate where MHL is currently a standard feature on more than 120 popular smartphones and portable devices available in the market.

An update will be released which adds control to these Android apps when the receiver is connected via Bluetooth® to a compatible Android smart device!

For updated status on this software update visit here

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Use Your Tablet or Smart Phone like a Wireless Remote Control

JVC’s own “JVC Smart Music Control” app, a free download on Google Play, acts as an Android wireless remote control for JVC CD and DMR Bluetooth® receivers allowing operation of almost all key functions wirelessly via the user’s voice and touch commands. Among other functions, the app has increased its feature set this year allowing control over parametric EQ settings, allowing sync of receiver’s illumination colors to the current music playing and voice command of supported navigation apps simultaneously during music playback. Almost all other key radio functions are supported as well which means the JVC receiver can be operated from the smart device outside the car, on a boat or almost anywhere within a 30 foot range even when the stereo is outside “line-of-sight.”

Click here to download the software for your Android device from Google Play.

Control iHeartRadio and Pandora Wirelessly

On 2014 Bluetooth built-in Multimedia, Digital Media, and CD Receivers, users can download the made-for-driving “iHeartRadio for Auto” (iHeartAuto) app to their smartphone for wireless use with compatible JVC Multimedia stereos KW-V30BT and KW-V50BT (link to product pages). These stereos feature either a 6.1” or 7” touch-panel LCD display and allow listeners to see the Title, Artist Name, Album Art, Station Name and Logo of what’s currently playing, as well as operate the Play, Stop, Live Scan, and Pause commands. Users can also navigate both Live and Custom Stations straight from the receiver’s controls as well as create Custom Stations instantly from the current song playing.

-iHeartRadio is available for compatible CD and Digital Media Receivers also by downloading “iHeart Link for JVC.” These receivers display iHeartRadio as its own menu source with on-screen controls. Both iHeartAuto and iHeart Link for JVC apps are free and available on the Google Play store

Click here to download the software for your Android device from Google Play.

Compatible 2014 JVC Built-In Bluetooth Multimedia receivers feature either a 6.1” or 7” touch-panel LCD display allowing listeners to see Title, Artist, Album Art, Station Name & Logo of their current listening content while having the ability to operate Skip, Play/Pause, Search, and Bookmark commands. Music can also be evaluated using on-screen Thumb-up and Thumb-down commands to assist the service in determining what to play next. Pandora will connect via Bluetooth® on compatible Android phones to the JVC receiver to allow these functions to be controlled on-screen.

2014 CD and Digital Media Receivers with Built-In Bluetooth will display Pandora as its own menu source with on-screen controls for pause, skip, thumb up and thumb down commands and registered station search. Users can also create new stations from the receiver while artist, station name, track title are also shown on the LCD display during playback.

Hands-free Capabilities

New Bluetooth® built-in Multimedia, CD, and Digital Media Receiver models also support hands-free phone calls, pairing of two phones simultaneously* and wireless music streaming as well as one push voice dialing, POI search, music cueing, and other phone function controls via voice command for compatible smartphones.
*KW-V20BT, KW-V200BT and KW-V40BT do not support pairing of two phones simultaneously.